The next Aachen pilgrimage will take place from June 18th - 28th 2021. The pilgrimage is a joyful celebration of faith for young and old, which will bring together pilgrims from all over the world. In 2014 about 120.000 persons experienced "Faith in motion". Pilgrims are coming to the Aachen pilgrimage since 1349 to worship the cloth relics which are kept in St. Mary's shrine.


The Pilgrimage challenges us to rediscover Christ and the faith. Which images of Jesus do Christians have? This question puts the motto into the center of attention. Connected with this is the question, how people want to be seen today and how they present themselves - especially on the internet and in social media. Frequently changing profiles show that persons present themselves differently to be discovered and to be seen. On the other hand there is a need to more and more verify the identies of persons. Identity and  truthfulness are two of the most-sought-after character traits of stars, politicians and representatives of the church. And what do yoe see when you look at yourself?

Foto-Kalender 2020 (c) Domkapitel Aachen

Discover me

The photo calender for the year 2020! Accompany us on a discovery tour through the Dioceses of Aachen. Which are the most beautiful places? Which special places between Aachen, Krefeld and Blamkenheim have to be visited? They do exist, those well- and unknown places. They are shown in the calender "Discover me": 24 photographs from the area of the Dioceses of Aachen of places that make us curious lead through the year. Available from now at: Einhard am Dom, Johannes-Paul-II-Str. 13, 52062 Aachen, Phone 0049 241/ 23340,